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April 27, 2006



Looking at this book cover and your photo, I wonder what you mom would say to add to our understanding of how we grew up. My mom tells me that she was so busy raising us and working, that she didn't have time to feel angst about her situation. She just did what needed to be done. My grandmother raised my mom and her brother as a single mother in the 1940's and 1950's. She too has never expressed bitterness or feeling desperate about her "lot in life" being a single, working mom at a time where there was almost NO cultural support. Maybe it is a reflection of our great affluence that we have time to lament or stuggle with balance. Maybe because there are more of us working, raising families, striving to be Godly that we have shoulders to cry on that our mothers' or grandmothers' didn't have?
I do think that you mom would be very proud of you and amazed at how God is using you to reach out to others. It's my prayer that we may help our daughters walk closer with God- even more than we have and be blessed.

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